Washer/Dryer in Sarasota Beach Front Condos

Is having a washer and dryer in your own vacation condo unit at one of the beaches in the Sarasota area an important criteria in your property search?  www.davidbarrhomes.com/beachfront_sarasota_condos

Most vacation condos for sale at our area beaches do not offer units with washer/dryer hook ups.  Some condo owners have taken over closet space to cram a stacked unit in, but there can be drawbacks to this.  You need an outside wall for ventilation, and proximity to a plumbing source.

You will likely have to get condo approval to make alterations to the outside of the building to put in the dryer vent, but the good news is that other unit owners may have already gone through the process, so it's not impossible.

There are ventless dryers, but that hot humid air has to go somewhere, and Florida already has a lot of hot humid air that your HVAC is continually working to remove.

Plan on a suitable space for a stacked system of at least 30" wide, 32" deep, and 75" high.  Think old pantry cabinet in a kitchen, or a linen closet in a hallway near a bathroom.

GE 26.8-in Electric Combination Washer and Dryer (White)
Stackable GE washer from Lowe's $1,259

These stacked units are not inexpensive, and neither is the labor cost.  You probably should plan on a total expenditure north of $5,000 if you want to add a washer/dryer to your vacation condo.

As with all things there are alternatives to this type of solution.  There are "all in one" washer/dryer combos that take up the space of a dishwasher, but they do not dry clothes like a typical full-size dryer.  

Whitney Design 5 Line Retractable Mini Dryer
Retractable clothes line from wayfair.com

A company called Panda makes all kinds of mini washers and dryers that fit on a countertop or a rolling utility table.  None require dedicated plumbing or ventilation.  They don't wash heavy loads, but since you're at the beach on vacation, all you really need to wash are t-shirts, shorts, etc.

Panda  Small Mini Dryer-5.5lbs/2.5kg Compact Apartment Dryer Pan725sf New
Panda mini clothes dryer

Your choices for vacation condos with washers and dryers just increased with these innovative clothing care solutions.


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