2nd Quarter Real Estate Sales Statistics | Sarasota FL | David Barr Broker Associate

Sarasota real estate statistics for 2nd Quarter 2019 are available.  The market continues to experience positive growth.

Sarasota real estate 2nd quarter statistics

Two categories are worth further analysis.  First, median time to contract increased 26% over last year.  I believe this is due to home buyers from up north cushioning or extending the closing date on their Florida property, so their current residence can sell.  This in return is affecting median time to sale.

The second is median percent of original list price received.  There's a lot to dissect here.  Over priced listings aren't selling, and aren't reflected in this stat.  We call these expired listings.  If the property is priced according to the market, it's remained a steady 5% off list price for quite some time.  Every property is different, but use this number as a guide for what to expect.

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