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Authenticity in Real Estate Marketing | Sarasota FL |

I get the “Think with Google” newsletters and updates, and it’s the one email I look forward to. Google, like it or leave it, has access to the immediate data and trends of today’s consumers. And let’s face it: being a Realtor means you’ll be spending most of your time marketing to attract new clients, and to market your current client’s property listings. So, today’s Think with Google topic was about authenticity. Millenials are changing the way all of us look at marketing and advertising. For example, is that diamond ethically mined? Is that coffee ecologically sourced and farmed? Does that spaghetti sauce have all natural ingredients? Is that product actually depicted in a way we would use it ourselves? Everything about this trend translates directly to real estate. Is that home description telling me what I need to know about the home, or is it filled with useless adjectives (like charming, cozy, sweet)? Are the photographs realistically depicting the ho

Expired Listing Specialist | Configuring Your Listing in the MLS |

We're seeing a lot of expired listings in Sarasota and Venice.  That should be disconcerting to you as a home owner, since you were probably expecting that your home would sell in a hot market. Your Sarasota home may have expired in the MLS because of other issues besides price and condition. Technology and real estate marketing are moving quickly beyond the aptitude of low tech Realtors.  One example of this is the ability to understand why and how to make sure your Sarasota property for sale shows up on other Realtor's websites. We have something called IDX, which means internet data exchange.  Brokers who belong to our MLS can agree to allow their listings to be shown on other broker's websites.  It's been a boon to consumers, as you can go to highly ranked and visited real estate websites like mine, and, and view all the available homes and condos, based on your search parameters. Your Sarasota home for sale may have e

Expired Listing Specialist | Venice FL |

Today’s topic is especially for you, if your Venice FL home was listed for sale but expired in the MLS. This is one of the reasons why I named this podcast Get Real. The topic of real estate marketing I think is a fuzzy one for many home sellers. You interview real estate agents to tell you how they will market your home for sale and attract a buyer. The flashy graphics showing you the 950 real estate related websites your home will appear on look great, but lets get real. Every major broker does this. I’m here to tell you the straight up truth that the next level of real estate marketing is upon us, and is probably one of the reasons your expired listing didn’t sell. So, let’s get real. I’m a bit of a different Realtor. I sometimes feel like a Martian in my real estate office. I devour anything I can get my hands or eyes on when it comes to online marketing, whether it’s real estate or any other business. I am obsessed with keeping ahead of how consumers are a

Advanced Online Real Estate Marketing | Venice FL |

I talk a lot about real estate marketing, because it's changing rapidly and because most Realtors are falling behind the technology curve. Home buyers today are more informed than ever.  Many times, they don't need a Realtor to send them a list of properties from a search request on Zillow or  In my experience with my own websites, I'm finding many buyers don't want to sign up for listings updates.  They just keep coming back to my website again and again, to check on available properties for condos and neighborhoods they are interested in. That's why, when I take your listing, I market your Venice FL home or condo to the actual buyers, not other Realtors in the area.  Buyers are driving neighborhoods, looking for Open Houses, and using their phones to do it. What if I told you that with my advanced marketing, the best buyer prospects looking for homes in your neighborhood, could find your individual property easily on their mobile device? Th

Lake of the Woods Homes for Sale | Venice FL |

So first of all, where is Lake of the Woods? Travel east on Tamiami Trail from Jacaranda, and turn north on Venice East Ave. It’s a huge area with about 800 total homes. Lake of the Woods is the master association but there are four separate neighborhoods: Lake of the Woods, Grassy Oaks, Park Estates, and The Lakes of Jacaranda.   For convenience purposes for home buyers, I have a page on my website listed under Lake of the Woods that includes homes for sale and video from all 4 neighborhoods. You can find that under the neighborhoods tab on the main menu on my Venice website, Lake of the Woods is considered one of the Venice area’s nicest upscale neighborhoods. The homes sit on large lots and aren’t right on top of each other, and there’s a lot of mature oaks and palms. There are nicely winding streets and lots of lake views.  Most homes here are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, and a good number have private pools. Most homes have 1800 to 2400 s