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Frequently Asked Questions | Sarasota and Venice Real Estate

Sarasota and Venice real estate buyers have a lot of questions.  Our geography, topography, and real estate laws are likely very different from your current location. As a local Realtor since 2002, I have anticipated your most common questions and answered them on my websites: for Venice, and . Visit now or contact me directly:

Venice FL Real Estate: Should You Rent Before You Buy?

A lot of home buyers want to rent a home for a year in Sarasota and Venice before buying. In a fast paced seller's market like we are experiencing here now, does that make financial sense? As a renter you can't recoup the out of pocket cost of an average annual single family home rental in Venice.  Estimate $1200 per month, and $14,400 over a year. On top of that, the median sales price of Venice FL single family homes is increasing rapidly, going up $30,900 in 2015 over 2014. An experienced Realtor can help you narrow your real estate options based on your budget, needs, and lifestyle. My real estate website, , profiles 60 Venice FL neighborhoods, with free downloads of demographic reports and school grades and information. Contact me today to schedule a home tour in Venice or Sarasota.