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Luxury Real Estate Year to Date | Sarasota FL |

The Sarasota luxury real estate market is lagging from a marketing point of view. I've been posting recently about the state of our local luxury market, and it doesn't seem to have the same vibrancy as other areas such as Miami/Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, or Los Angeles.  Why is this?  I have some numbers to back up my suspicions, as well as reasons why luxury home owners should consider other alternatives when it comes to selling their properties in the Sarasota area. So, first the numbers: Luxury Homes Sale Price $1,000,000 and above (all figures median): 1/1/2017-3/31-2017   # Sold: 83  $/Square Foot Sold: $452  Days on Market: 96  LP/SP ratio: 94 1/1/2018-3/31/2017  # Sold: 100  $/Square Foot Sold: $455  Days on Market: 78  LP/SP ratio: 93 The number that jumps out at me is the list price to sales price ratio.  The median sales price of a home priced over $1,000,000 in Sarasota County in 2018 was $1,509,000.  A 7% decrease is $105,630.  That's a lot

Luxury Home Real Estate Marketing | Sarasota FL |

Luxury real estate. Ah yes, the sweet excitement of getting to list and hopefully sell a million dollar plus property in Sarasota and Venice. That was the subject of a sales seminar I attended this week. And it fell totally flat, at least for me. Did I really need to attend a luxury real estate seminar, only to find out that my car should be clean for clients, and that I should wear nice clothes to meet luxury home owners? No, no, and no! My suspicion before attending the seminar was that the speaker would be a prime example of what Sarasota luxury real estate represents to many agents. Unfortunately, my suspicion was dead on. In short, her message was that we need to look the part and speak the part to connect with you, Mr. and Mrs Luxury Home Owner, as potential clients. Listen to this blog on my podcast: None of this superficial BS matters to a potential buyer, when