Update: Florida Home Finders of Canada

I wrote a blog post about this company almost 2 years ago, so it's time for an update.

Their website still says they offer condos for sale in Florida.  This company is not a registered Florida real estate broker.  It is therefore impossible for them to list and sell real estate in Florida.

Their website lists "Value Properties" in different markets in Florida.  Since my original blog post about them, they are still marketing condos at Vintage Grand as "developer sell offs".  Vintage Grand was built in 1989.  The developer is long gone.

They list two other condo communities in my service area of Sarasota and Bradenton, both of which they say are "sold out".

One of these supposed "sold out" communities is Serenata.  Serenata had and may still have legal issues involving the original builder and the condition/warranty of the roofs and getting them to make repairs.  This is something you would never find out on the Florida Home Finders website.  As with Vintage Grand, there is no "developer sell off".  All the units are now re-sales from individual owners, and the community has 4 units for sale in the MLS as of this writing.

Image unavailable
Available for sale: 4 condos in Serenata $95-$155k as of 2/28/2014

How does Florida Home Finders do what they do?  My guess is they collect potential buyers in a large room, gather your personal information, and sell it to local agents in Florida.

It's not necessarily illegal, but don't you want to select your own real estate agent?  In the meantime, to learn about potential issues that affect you as a buyer (Canadian or not), here are some pages on my real estate website that will help:



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    1. I highlighted specific items on your website that are in fact misleading and/or just plain incorrect and stand by my blog post about your company. Potential Florida real estate buyers can evaluate for themselves.

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  3. Really? Did you know that one of the condos Florida Homefinders of Canada lists as "builder closeout" is actually 12 years old, and that there is or has been pending litigation with the original builder because of defective roofing? Real estate is littered with beginners who lost time and money thinking they can learn it from a course. What do you do for a job? Let me take an online course and I'll be more of an expert than you.


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