Sarasota's Celery Fields

If you've ever driven on I-75 and wondered what that huge pile of dirt is just to the east of the interstate, now you know.  It's the Celery Fields.

The Celery Fields just east of I-75 and Fruitville Rd.

The area has an agricultural history dating back to the 1920's, when the rich soil accommodated all kinds of vegetables, most noticeably celery.  It was actively farmed until the mid 90's, when Sarasota County acquired the last remaining individual farm parcels.  The County has completed the restoration of this wetlands area and it's now home to over 200 native bird species.

A view from the top of Sarasota's Celery Fields park

Walkways and bike paths ring the site, and hiking and walking trails to the top of the landmark hill make for an excellent hike.  Read more about the history of the Celery Fields on Sarasota's Audubon website: 


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