Is it a "Good" Neighborhood?

I'm a member of the Trulia Voices community, where home buyers and sellers go to ask local real estate agents for advice.

One question that always comes up is the "good neighborhood" question.

Home buyers from out of town understandably want to know about neighborhood crime and safety.  Unfortunately, Realtors cannot answer these types of questions.

It is a violation of Federal real estate law to give opinions on neighborhood crime, safety, demographic composition, etc.  Take note of the word "opinion".  Everyone has a different opinion of what is good and bad, safe or unsafe.  The law prohibits agents from giving opinions that would steer home buyers into or away from a particular neighborhood.

If you are with an agent and they tell you a subdivision is great for families, they are violating this law.  They could be perceived as steering only families into a certain area, at the exclusion of singles or older empty nesters.

The best agents practice the basics of real estate every single day with every customer.  


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