Loving Real Estate on Valentine's Day

I read a rather frivolous article in the Manatee Herald about how adding the word "love" in real estate advertising copy helps to sell homes by creating an emotional response in the potential buyer.  The article actually ended up making another point about the difference in marketing philosophy between real estate brokers.

You can read the article here: http://www.bradenton.com/2014/02/14/4992360/bradenton-real-estate-feels-a.html

For example, a description in a listing in the MLS remarks, such as "you'll love the gourmet kitchen" always makes me think from the buyer's perspective that kitchens are such a personal statement about the home owner, many buyers may not actually love all that mosaic tile or particular coloring of the granite countertops.  I try to avoid using the term all together.

The NAR survey of home buyers and sellers shows that buyers first and foremost want pictures of the property online.  They are comparing features and prices and neighborhoods.  They aren't "in love" with a property until they see it in person.

But the real nugget I pulled out of this article is that a major broker has hired marketing minions to write advertising copy for homes they have never set foot in.  


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