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The Facebook IPO got me thinking about their future, and how it will affect Google and online advertising as a whole.

I don't get Facebook mania.  In my opinion, there's a lot better things to do in life.  GM recently cancelled plans to spend $10 million to advertise on Facebook because they got disappointing results.  I can't see Facebook users clicking on ads when they are chatting with friends or playing games.

Does anyone feel like social marketing is being shoved down our throats?  Advertising on Facebook and Twitter has yet to produce impressive results for most companies.  However, social media does play a meaningful role, in my opinion, in driving traffic to a website.

Here is a fascinating graphic comparison of advertising on Facebook versus Google, which you can read here:

So why am I blogging about this?

As much as many in the real estate industry in Sarasota want to deny it, the days of Open Houses, magazine ads, and newspaper classifieds to sell a home, are history.  I made a decision a long time ago to reach customers online.  I discontinued all the traditional forms of real estate marketing, and instead focused advertising on Google in 2003, most specifically on Google Adwords.

Mastering Google advertising is a constantly evolving process.  Visits to my site are up 10x over last year.  Read more about my marketing philosophy:

I do not believe in hiring an SEO management company, because it leads to a site that is stiff, repetitive, and counter-intuitive.  Not only that, it is unreasonably expensive, especially in light of the recent updates Google has made that negated a lot of what SEO companies have been doing in the past.

Today, it's not just enough to know real estate trends and the local area.  Agents have to be marketing experts as well.  Google, along with its properties YouTube and Blogger, have been the backbone of my real estate marketing and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  There's no better way to specifically target prospective buyers searching for Sarasota real estate and showcase Sarasota real estate for sale.


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