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Real Estate's Dirty Word

Yesterday I drove by a real estate office that had a sign in front that really struck me as being out of the Stone Age.  The sign said "We're open and selling like crazy". For some reason that sign really rubbed me the wrong way.  Were they selling homes or used cars? I've been in the sales (I prefer to call it marketing) profession in general for over 25 years.  But I've never ever introduced myself as a "salesperson" or as being "in sales".  In my opinion , variations of the word sell are words to avoid in real estate.  No matter the age of a potential consumer, no one wants to be sold. Consumers want to be educated, presented with options and potential outcomes, and then want to come to their own conclusions without the presssure that selling connotes.  This applies to both home owners and home buyers, when working with real estate professionals. Any licensed Realtor can call themselves a "top producer" (aka salesperson or

Sarasota Short Sales for Buyers

I have a full explanation of how short sales work for buyers of Sarasota real estate on my website, One of the finer points of short sales deserve a more in-depth analysis, namely, the presence of a short sale negotiator in the purchase process. A short sale negotiator can be either a licensed real estate attorney or a title agent, hired by the seller to work with their lender.  The property owner most often pays an upfront fee to their negotiator to begin the process of gathering necessary documentation to present to their lender.  They advocate on behalf of the seller by getting the lender to accept the sale of the property at current market value. Another key role of the short sale negotiator is obtaining a reduction in past due fees to a HOA or condo association is central to a successful short sale. Short sale negotiators do provide a valuable service.  However, in almost every case, the short sale negotiator will submit some k

New on my YouTube Channel: Parkridge

Parkridge is a newer gated townhome community located near the intersection of University Parkway and Lockwood Ridge in Sarasota, FL. Parkridge is a favorite of real estate investors. Full time and seasonal residents love the resort-like feel of Parkridge, with heated community pool, lush landscaping, and tranquil lake and preserve views. Take a video tour of the complex, and see what a typical bank foreclosure unit looks like here on my YouTube channel: If you are interested in investment real estate in the Sarasota area, please visit my website for specific recommendations.