Think With Google: Interesting Trends for Real Estate

Like it or not, a big part of our job as Realtors is marketing.  That means keeping up with the latest trends in technology and in consumer behavior, so that our customer's properties can more easily be found by qualified buyers.

Luckily for my clients, I am fascinated by technology and embrace change, which takes us to the latest information from Google and their "Think With Google" newsletter.

Think With Google

Top trends:
  • Americans spend 151 minutes per day on smartphones, more than on laptop or TV;
  • Searches for HD cameras grew 25%;
  • 1 in 5 searches on Google are related to location.

This data suggests:
  • The mobile device is the remote control for our lives.  Consumers must have a great experience with a Realtor website on their smartphone;
  • Consumers expect to get what they want, in the moment they want it.  Fast, simple, and easy interactions (epecially when a Realtor responds to a customer inquiry) will continue to be key.

When you are ready to sell your Venice FL home or condo, please contact me to learn how my 21st century marketing plan will help tech savvy buyers find your property online.


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