Manasota Key Beach Erosion

A few days back I posted some pictures about beach accretion (sand washing up) on parts of the south end of Manasota Key.

Nature being nature, the sand is coming from somewhere else, namely, the beaches on the north end of Manasota Key.

Manasota Key beach facing north
Blind Pass Beach (aka middle beach), facing north

Manasota Key beach facing south
Blind Pass Beach facing south

Today I stopped to photograph what the locals call middle beach (Blind Pass Beach).  The public beach area seemed fine, but in the distance, especially facing south, you could view waves directly hitting sea walls at private residences.

One stretch of beach particularly hard hit is the area around Tamarind on the Gulf and La Coquina condos, south of middle beach.  Those condos have no beach as of this writing.

Read more on Manasota Key beach renourishment in Charlotte County.

Read more about the Stump Pass Beach and Inlet Management Plan in a PDF document.


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