Say Goodbye to Granite in Your New Venice FL Home

Staging and design of your home can create an emotional connection with a potential buyer, making your home easier to sell, and sell for more money.  So, why not do something new with your counter tops in a new Venice FL home, or in a home you are renovating to sell?

Stone counter tops, especially granite, were once a trend that have now become commonplace. The ubiquitous granite provides plenty of reasons to search for alternatives.  Granite needs special support over long spans because of it's weight, is semi-porous and can be susceptible to staining, and reports are coming out about radiation emissions from granite.

Let's look at some interesting options for your Venice FL new home or remodel.

1) Tempered Glass:

Imagine the interesting backlighting effects you could create.

2) Nanotech material:

Non-reflective, self healing, and anti-microbial.

3) Stainless steel:

A new trend may be away from stainless appliances to stainless counter tops instead

4) Ceramic tile:

An old trend can be refreshed with contemporary glazes and colors

Read the entire article on countertop trends:


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