Real Estate Technology

Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business in real estate.  I'm a huge proponent of using the latest tools and techniques to help buyers and sellers of Sarasota FL real estate, because technology helps the process move more quickly and easily.

One of the tools I've been using is DocuSign.  I've watched clients sign offers on their I-Pad or tablet PC, and even self-admitted computer-challenged clients find it is easy to use.

DocuSign offers legal, secure signing online and eliminates paper, time consuming scanning, and faxing.

If you are a buyer, bank owners of foreclosure properties specifically ask for highly legible, non-hand-written documents.  DocuSign is a great way to help your offer stand out in a competitive multiple offer situation, because in part there is no degradation in print quality.  It also greatly reduces missed initials or signatures that can cause your foreclosure offer to be rejected by the bank.


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