Condo or Single Family? Villa!

As you may have read in a previous blog post, many of the customers I work with are interested in a condo, when sometimes a single family home might actually be a better option.

If you are the type of buyer who wants the lower maintenance benefits of a condo, but like the idea of a single family home, a villa-style property may be a great option for you.

In the Sarasota area that I serve, a villa is considered to be detached or semi-detached (shared wall), and is managed in an owner's association much like a condo.

Villas are ground floor, so you don't have to worry about stairs, and have more outdoor living options like a larger patio or a lanai, than a typical condo unit.  The yard and common area maintenance are covered by the owner's association dues, just like a condo.  Some villa communities even allow individual units to have their own private pools.

Are you now intrigued by the idea of a villa property in the Sarasota area?  Visit my website to see a list of currently available villas for sale.


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