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I'm continuing to see a large number of expired listings in our MLS.  Expired listings mean that the listing contract term between a home owner and a Realtor has lapsed, and the home is off the market.

We're supposed to be in a strong reale state market, so what's the cause of this?  It's usually one of these reasons:

  • The listing price was too high;
  • The property was not in proper condition;
  • The property was not staged properly;
  • The listing agent had no marketing plan beyond what their Broker offered.

Expired listings in Sarasota
Expired listings in Sarasota from the MLS

I want to bring attention to the last bullet point above.  The first question you should ask a Realtor who wants to list your Sarasota home for sale should be "What do you know about SEO and online marketing?".  This is very important.

Every major Broker has basically the same marketing plan.  Of course, your home is special, and it should be marketed that way.  SEO means "Search Engine Optimization", and online marketing is crucial.  The goal should be to highlight your home not just on it's merits, but also, to make your home easily accessible online, where we are now spending 11 hours a day, according to some studies.

Sarasota real estate home sales and marketing
I go beyond the typical Broker marketing plan when listing your home for sale

This means making your home listing appear in a search on a buyer's mobile device as they are driving neighborhoods or going to Open Houses.  It means your individual property shows up on my website in a search, not Zillow or Trulia. You should want an interested buyer to speak with me directly about your home, not some random agent who appears on a Zillow listing for your home.

Online marketing is crucial for the success of selling your Sarasota home.  Contact me for more information.

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