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If you missed the news reports, Babcock Ranch in south Charlotte County, FL, is the nation's first 100% solar powered town.  It's so unique and intriguing, I decided to add it to my servicea area.

Babcock Ranch is about an hour and fifteen minutes from the Sarasota area.  To get there, take I-75 south, and exit east on Hwy 17 once you cross the Peace River.  On Hwy 17, turn onto Bermont Road and go east until you reach Hwy 31, which is now labelled Babcock Ranch Road.  Turn south, and you'll see the Babcock Ranch main entrance.

Babcock Ranch will grow to approximately 20,000 homes with up to 50,000 residents.  It's a master planned community of 18,000 acres, larger than the 10,000 acre West Villages in Venice, and smaller than Lakewood Ranch, with 33,000 acres.

Babcock Ranch electric driverless trolley
Electric trolley in downtown Babcock Ranch

Babcock Ranch partnered with FPL to create a 75mw solar farm that powers the town.  Excess power is stored in batteries and supplied on overcast days and at night.

Babcock Ranch solar farm
A 75mw solar farm powers everything in Babcock Ranch

Besides solar, Babcock Ranch offers it's own "neighborhood school" which is already winning statewide awards.

Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School
The brand new Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School

If the sustainability of solar and an award winning advanced school is appealing to you, you'll love the new home architecture and floor plans in Babcock Ranch.  Green building features, plus homes designed with front porches will help promote a neighborhood atmosphere that is lacking in many new home communities.

Learn more about Babcock Ranch on my website  Please contact me for a new home tour, I'd love to show you around!


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