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I was reading today about Zillow acquiring DotLoop.
I had not heard of DotLoop. Apparently it's a competitor to Docusign. And there's a lot of competitors to Docusign.  But I digress.
The blog I was reading posted this link to a YouTube video about this acquisition:  https://youtu.be/FTvEw0toTTc
I believe this is Zillow's last gasp.
Zillow can't win
Zillow's end game is to change how real estate is transacted.  They have been pursuing a strategy of acquiring electronic signature companies, online rental companies, and IDX data (and stealing it to display on Zillow), all in an effort to begin the creation of a new online experience.  Zillow wants an end-run around Realtors, and appeal long term to millenials, who live their lives through apps.
They can't win the accuracy battle with Realtor.com.
They can't win the PR battle they face against an army of Realtors who are spreading the word about Zillow's unethical and misleading business practices.
They are not going to win this battle, either.  Car dealers, despite many Zillow-like challengers, haven't gone out of business, and neither will Realtors.  Cars and homes are not just black and white, fact based purchases.  They involve emotion and hands-on experience that cannot be replicated through the online transactions Zillow envisions for it's future survival.
Dump your Zillow stock.  It's about to become Pets.com.

Read more about how Zillow does business:  http://www.davidbarrhomes.com/#!zillow-venice-fl/cftb


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