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One of the common questions we get in Venice FL real estate is if concrete block homes are really better than wood frame homes.

Concrete block home

Wood frame construction home

I myself was surprised when I first moved to Florida to find that concrete block was prevalent. Where I come from, it was the garage that was built out of concrete block, but not the homes themselves.  I encounter many buyers from up north with the same reaction.

The pros for concrete block homes in Florida are:

  1.  Concrete block is stronger than wood frame, in the case of a major storm or flood;
  2.  Better insulating properties and lower utility costs;
  3.  Improved sound deadening properties;
  4.  Lower insurance costs;
  5.  Lower long term maintenance costs;
  6. Higher apparent demand among the buying public.

Concrete block homes are more termite resistant, but are not fully termite proof.  Most concrete block homes have wood roof trusses and interior wall studs.  Home buyers should also be aware that two story homes may be listed for sale described as a concrete block home, but there could be wood framing on the second floor.


  1. Great article; are there any additional challenges with water intrusion on block?

    1. Not really in FL since homes are built on slab with no below grade basements.


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