Should You Buy a 2 Story Home in Venice FL?

I'm seeing some 2 story homes being built in some new home communities in the Sarasota and Venice areas.  I am often asked if buying a 2 story home is a good idea.

2 story homes offer a lot of square feet and are usually a good solution for a large family, or an extended family with older relatives.  Otherwise, I believe 2 story homes should be avoided whenever possible.

2 story home elevation in Taylor Morrison's Arbor Lakes at Palmer Ranch in Sarasota

Older folks seldom like to climb stairs.  2 story homes limit the number of potential buyers when you decide to sell.

2 story homes usually require higher insurance costs.  They have a higher profile against wind and wind-borne debris.

Bottom line:  Say yes to a 2 story home if you have a large family or need a lot of square feet and plan on staying in the property for a long time.  Say no to buying a 2 story home if you plan on selling or downsizing in the near future.


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