Selling Venice FL Real Estate: Increase Your Curb Appeal

I've been writing a lot about increasing the value of your Venice FL home or condo for sale by simple improvements inside the property and outside, like adding a pergola.

Curb appeal is the first emotional connection a buyer will make with your home and it happens within seconds.  Don't neglect landscaping that improves your home's curb appeal.

Here's some plants I have personal experience with that grow easily in Florida's climate and will add visual impact:


Bougainvillea grows quickly and produces a lot of color, especially in the winter months here in FL.  Bougainvillea can be trained to grow on a trellis or a privacy fence, or trimmed into bushes or privacy hedges.  Once they "start", they really take off.  I've transplanted what I thought was a dead bougainvillea and it came back to life with little effort.  Make sure to get the purple variety with the smaller leaves.  The larger varieties with heart shaped leaves seem to be harder to grow.

Firercracker plant, aka crossandra

Firecracker flower in my own garden

Firecracker flower or Crossandra is native to India but loves Florida's heat and humidity.  Make sure to water these deeply at least twice a week and fertilize with a slow-release product such as Osmocote.  I planted these in my own garden and they are no longer called "firecracker flower" since they are now waist-high and have formed a nice tiered hedge.  They flower all year long.


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