Bradenton Ranks 6th Nationally in Open Houses. And?

Real estate journalism is really a sorry state of affairs.  

As the title of this post says, an article in the Bradenton Herald says Bradenton ranks 6th nationally in Open Houses.  So what?

Do homes sold that used open houses sell faster?  For more money?  Get multiple offers?  Sorry, no such relevant conclusion about Bradenton Open Houses, or any Open Houses, for that matter, in this article.

woo hoo, an open house!
Hey honey, there's some balloons! Let's go in that Open House!

Agent Open Houses are for the agents.  They hope to get new prospective buyers or impress the neighbors who might be thinking of selling their home.  They rarely if ever sell the actual home, the owners of which were forced to vacate on a weekend afternoon so strangers could dirty their floor and peer in their medicine cabinet.


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