Another Reason to Invest in Sarasota Real Estate

From today's Tampa Bay Times:  Another Apartment Complex Headed to West Shore

Read the article here:

Why is this a reason to invest in Sarasota real estate, as opposed to the Tampa area?

1) Building apartments indicates a weak demand from home buyers.  In the Sarasota area, builders are focusing entirely on single family homes and villas;
2) Apartment complex rentals are usually at a lower rental rate than single family home rentals;
3) Individual investors trying to rent existing condos or single family homes have to compete against resort-style amenities in new apartment complexes;
4) Bringing new apartments into existing rental inventory increases rental property supply and drives down demand and rental rates;
5) New apartments are usually lower-quality stick built above the first floor, while new condo construction is usually concrete block with increased sound deadening and fireproofing measures.

The Sarasota area is affluent and attracts affluent seasonal renters.  These renters want a seasonal condo near the beach, or a single family home or villa in an upscale neighborhood or community.  They are less likely to want to rent an apartment.

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