Expand Your Options: Tasteful Sarasota Home Renovation

I'm working with customers looking for a larger home with an open floor plan.

Newer homes have been meeting today's home buyer needs with open floor plans and interesting tile and finishes for years now, but don't rule out older homes.  Renovated older homes in established neighborhoods can offer similar amenities, with the added benefit of a mature landscape setting.

I ran across the pictured home below while searching listings and thought this was one of the best examples of a tasteful renovation of an older home I had seen.  The natural fibers of the wall coverings, sisal rug, and window treatments all contribute to a pleasing earth tone palette.

Renovated 1981 home with high ceilings, crown molding and today's colors and finishes.

The Sarasota area offers a wide variety of real estate for any taste or lifestyle.  Please contact me to help you find your retirement or vacation home.


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