Competing with Goliath

Yesterday I blogged about a Port Richey waterfront home I listed for sale.  Port Richey is not an area I normally serve, but the owner is a personal friend and past co-worker.  She knows I'm a total geek when it comes the internet and using it to market to buyers and sellers.

What happened immediately after posting the home in the MLS, on my website, and on my personal real estate website is an excellent case study in how an individual Realtor can compete with the biggest real estate companies online, and get results.

Within an hour, the home listing on my website ( had a viewer from Sweden:

Within minutes of sharing yesterday's blog post on Google+, a Google search for "port richey waterfront home" ranked the blog post and the link to the property on the first page, above the fold, and above

The big brokerages focus their marketing on the number of homes for sale they represent, forcing a potential buyer to fumble through their website to search for the kinds of homes they are looking for.  My strategy is to market your individual property for sale to potential buyers who are looking for specific features, such as waterfront.

Now is a good time to put your property on the market.  Contact me and let's get started.


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