Realtor Marketing

On Saturday mornings I get an email from Inman real estate news.

Many of the articles are written by SEO companies and marketing "gurus", telling agents how to advertise themselves to home buyers and sellers.

Some of the terms used in the sales industry, not limited to real estate, really make me cringe.  And I've been "in sales" for over 25 years.  "Capture", "convert", "lead", and "capture" are regularly used terms.  Do you as a potential customer really want to feel like hunted prey?

My philosophy about gaining new customers and their trust is simple.  I provide information to customers about properties and answers to their questions they are searching for online.  This content is written by me specifically about my service area, not by a 20-something in Silicon Valley who has sold me some content to use in my advertising.

Here are some good examples:

The buying process:  Learn about the steps in the buying process, from writing an offer to the closing;
Home inspections:  What they are used for and what to expect;
Closing costs:  Estimate typical closing costs in the Sarasota area;
Buyer information: An update on the local Sarasota area real estate market;
Insurance:  What you need to know about homeowner's insurance and flood insurance.


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