More Choices in Sarasota Real Estate

UPDATE 3/15/2014:  The links here are no longer valid but the content remains accessible.  Please visit my website's main page,, and use the new and improved navigation to find your ideal Sarasota home or condo.

Every Realtor has (or should have) a public MLS search function on their website.

In reality, the public MLS sites often don't provide easily searchable neighborhood or property style options.

On my Sarasota real estate website, make sure you click on the drop down menu at the upper right of each page labeled "more choices".  There are links to several pages on my website that provide MLS listings for:

Gated single family homes
Owner financing
Pool homes (homes with a private pool only)
Investment single family homes
55 and over properties for sale
New homes built since 2012
Vacant lots and land


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