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Innovation and technology in real estate is always welcome.  I'm a bit of a tech geek and like to keep ahead of trends and incorporate new ideas whenever I can.

A burgeoning technology I've been reading about is agent matching.  Much like personal matching sites, a new group of websites is just beginning to roll out agent matching sites based on buyer and seller input about their needs and personal traits.  The idea is to match Realtors with potential clients based on more than just experience.

I think there's a lot of room for error with this new form of finding an agent.  Some of these sites match potential buyers with agents based only on their current listings.  An agent that handles foreclosures probably has a lot of listings, but may not work with buyers.  Many agents seek a lot of listings precisely so they don't have to work with buyers at all.  Besides, the information buyers and sellers put in their matching profile may not always be completely accurate, just like the personal match sites.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm totally in favor of working with potential clients who do make a good match for me on a personal and business level.

I'm really not that picky.  If you know the type of property you are looking for, have a well defined budget, and have actually visited Sarasota, Bradenton, the barrier islands, Venice, and Englewood before, we are probably a good match.  If you need to see 3 years worth of homeowner association meeting minutes before buying, or decide on your own that you know insurance limits better than the condo association management before buying, we are probably not a good match.

I still believe the best way to find an agent is to look at their website, read their blog, and look at their social media postings.  An agent with a cookie cutter website, who blogs re-posted articles they didn't write, and does the same on social media, probably isn't the best choice.


  1. Choosing a qualified real estate professional can be a lot like choosing a home. Sometimes you know what youre looking for while other times you know it when you see it, but one thing is for certain: you want to find the right fit.
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