Fun Design Idea for Beachy Decors

As a frustrated artist, one of the reasons I love the real estate business so much is that I get to see many different architectural and design styles reflecting the Sarasota tropical environment.

I ran across this fantastic idea of personalizing an old table or console by taking paint can stir sticks and making a herringbone pattern on the top.

herringbone_pattern_tableTake an existing table of almost any style.  The turned legs of this example look beachy, with a nicely stained top sealed with a clear varnish.  If you are a real estate investor who wants inexpensive ideas to polish a seasonal rental property, small touches like these throughout the home or condo can really generate a lot of interest.

I can also imagine this idea used with a shaker style, or a contemporary table painted completely black, in a loft or apartment space.  I may be trying this idea for use on my lanai if I find a suitable consignment or garage sale table, and I'll post pictures when completed.


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