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I recently had a conversation about marketing a listing with a potential home seller.  The pertinent questions:  How do I distinguish myself from the large brokerages and how do I match their exposure?

There's a common misconception that large brokerages get more exposure for their listings.  This is highly debatable.  Every member of our local MLS has equal access to what is known as real estate syndication.  Syndication puts the information we enter in the MLS on over 60 real estate websites.

How do I distinguish myself from the large brokers or other agents?  The first example I point to is my real estate website,  Without boring you with a lot of statistics, my website gets as high if not higher percentage of audience searching for specific popular keywords for real estate in our area as the biggest brokerage websites.

If you are selling real estate in Lakewood Ranch, does it matter that a large brokerage is getting hundreds of thousands of views for real estate listings from Parrish to Punta Gorda?  I can point to Google Analytics data that shows that my Lakewood Ranch page on gets as many if not more views than any of my competitors, of any size.

The second and perhaps biggest difference is my hands-on approach to listing your home for sale.  Unlike most agents, I personally photograph and video your property for inclusion in the MLS and other websites.  I know how buyers walk through and view homes when creating a true video walkthrough of your property.  I know what features are important to emphasize to attract buyers viewing your property online. 


  1. You have a great site and you are correct about the advantage over your competition you get from having a great online presence.

    Can you check out these FAQ and let me know what other explanations I should include?


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