Market Knowledge: Lessons from the Field

I was working with some buyers over the past weekend who illustrated that expert real estate representation means more than just showing properties.

These buyers initially had very specific criteria which significantly narrowed their choices.  One of these criteria included finding a home in a community that had a lap pool.

Rather than simply showing these buyers only the types of homes they thought they wanted to see, I asked them questions and got to know what other options might satisfy their goals.  Because of my local market knowledge, I pointed out the benefits of a local YMCA, as well as a fitness facility operated by Sarasota Memorial Hospital, both of which the buyers discovered more than met their needs. 

This significantly increased the buyer's potential housing options, and maximized the use of their time during their visit.

Home buyers: If you are looking for an agent who can present you with a range of opportunities that will fit your goals, please contact me to arrange property viewings during your next visit.


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