Thursday, April 19, 2018

Luxury Real Estate Year to Date | Sarasota FL |

The Sarasota luxury real estate market is lagging from a marketing point of view.

I've been posting recently about the state of our local luxury market, and it doesn't seem to have the same vibrancy as other areas such as Miami/Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, or Los Angeles. 

Why is this?  I have some numbers to back up my suspicions, as well as reasons why luxury home owners should consider other alternatives when it comes to selling their properties in the Sarasota area.

So, first the numbers:

Luxury Homes Sale Price $1,000,000 and above (all figures median):

1/1/2017-3/31-2017   # Sold: 83  $/Square Foot Sold: $452  Days on Market: 96  LP/SP ratio: 94
1/1/2018-3/31/2017  # Sold: 100  $/Square Foot Sold: $455  Days on Market: 78  LP/SP ratio: 93

The number that jumps out at me is the list price to sales price ratio.  The median sales price of a home priced over $1,000,000 in Sarasota County in 2018 was $1,509,000.  A 7% decrease is $105,630.  That's a lot of money to be wrong.

Compare the 93% list price to sales price ratio to the 97% for homes priced under $1 million in 2018.

In a time of widely advertised rising real estate values in Sarasota, the $/square foot for sold luxury homes is flat.

Flat prices and bigger percentage off the listing price should prompt you as a luxury home seller to broaden your choices.   When you are ready to sell, interview Realtors like myself who are using state of the art technology and advertising media, especially social media, to expose your property to the right buyers.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Luxury Home Real Estate Marketing | Sarasota FL |

Luxury real estate. Ah yes, the sweet excitement of getting to list and hopefully sell a million dollar plus property in Sarasota and Venice. That was the subject of a sales seminar I attended this week. And it fell totally flat, at least for me. Did I really need to attend a luxury real estate seminar, only to find out that my car should be clean for clients, and that I should wear nice clothes to meet luxury home owners? No, no, and no!

My suspicion before attending the seminar was that the speaker would be a prime example of what Sarasota luxury real estate represents to many agents. Unfortunately, my suspicion was dead on. In short, her message was that we need to look the part and speak the part to connect with you, Mr. and Mrs Luxury Home Owner, as potential clients.

None of this superficial BS matters to a potential buyer, when it comes to selling your Sarasota luxury home.

I will not spend a dime on old school real estate practices, such as a catered broker open, to pour wine down the throat of an agent, just so they can tell you what an amazing house they toured for you yesterday. I will, instead, spend that dime on investing in more and bigger exposure to reach your potential buyer directly, in the places where they spend time, and today, that’s online.

So what exactly does that mean? I alluded to it about broker open houses. Here’s another example: I take my own drone footage and create my own stunning videos of your property and neighborhood. Old school real estate dictates that an agent pays a drone operator for video. In my experience, a lot of drone video today misses the point. These operators for hire can fly and take footage, but they do not possess the real estate eye we do as Realtors. Example: One of my competitors posted a video of a country club. The drone footage this competitor paid dearly for, was a partial view of a stone column with the country club slowly revealed in the background. One man’s “artful view” is another man’s waste of viewing time. I create direct, memorable, and beautiful property video, that is not a waste of time to the viewer.

Like the example of broker open houses, I take the money saved by not having to pay for a mediocre drone video, just like the broker open, and re-invest those dollars to make sure your property is in more places, with more memorable, relevant content, that your best potential buyers are looking for, and will want to see.

Let’s look at the facts in our current market. The speaker at this luxury real estate seminar said we have a glut of luxury properties for sale. Everyone who attended from my brokerage agreed. So why is our luxury real estate, priced at a tremedous discount on a price per square footage basis, lagging, when luxury markets like Miami and Los Angeles are on fire? Could it be that our local real estate market is indeed lagging in luxury real estate marketing?

If you think that’s a good question, then we should talk about listing your Sarasota or Venice luxury home for sale. It’s time to shake up our market’s luxury real estate marketing by taking it out of the hands of a few. Visit or and give me a call, text, or email, and let’s get started.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Listing Your Home for Sale | Real Estate Marketing | Sarasota FL

When you sell your Sarasota real estate, you should be interviewing Realtors who are already marketing your neighborhood or condo to buyers who are searching for it online.

It's no longer enough for a real estate website to rank high for "sarasota real estate" searches on Google.  Those potential buyers are comparing Sarasota to other areas in Florida and are at the early stages of their buying cycle.

Google your Sarasota neighborhood before hiring a Sarasota Realtor
Google your neighborhood or condo before hiring a Sarasota real estate agent

The best prospective buyers for your Sarasota real estate are searching for information for your specific neighborhood or condo.  These buyers are the best potential prospects to make an offer on your property.

Once these buyers find your Sarasota real estate for sale, you don't want your property to appear in a long list of competing properties.  I can provide a premium banner advertisement with a link to your individual property information on my website, ensuring that buyers looking for your neighborhood see your property first.

Contact me for a case study and more information about my high tech online marketing designed to sell your Sarasota property as quickly as possible for the best price.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stupid Real Estate Marketing Tricks | Top 5 Lists | Sarasota FL

Real estate marketing tends to lure you into giving up your email address to get more information.

I don't want to do that to you.  You shouldn't have to be bombarded with unwanted advertising to get answers to your questions.  I want to be your Venice and Sarasota Realtor of choice.

Listen to my podcast:


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Atlanta Braves Spring Training | February 2018 Update | The West Villages Venice FL

Here's a video update on the construction going on at the Atlanta Braves spring training facility in The West Villages in Venice FL you won't find anywhere else.

Grand opening should be in time for the 2020 season.  This will be located next to The West Villages Town Center, and will be within walking distance of Renaissance at The West Villages and Islandwalk.

For more about The West Villages and the new construction homes, visit my website

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Distance to the Beach | Palmer Ranch | Sarasota FL

Are there homes in Palmer Ranch the same distance to a beach, as a home located east of I-75?  Yes, they do exist.  You'll be surprised to know that both Toscana Isles and Willow Chase are almost the exact same distance to Nokomis Beach.

Palmer Ranch to Siesta Key beach: 7.3 miles

Toscana Isles to Nokomis Beach: 7.1 miles

Take the estimated travel times by Google with a grain of salt.  If you've ever tried to get to Siesta Key beach in season, the travel time from Tamimi Trail over Stickney Point Bridge can take up to 30 minutes.

Contact me for expert local market knowledge to help you select a home with the features and lifestyle that matter to you.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Real Estate Marketing | Luxury Homes and Condos | Sarasota FL

Do you have a home to sell in #Sarasota or #VeniceFL? I am uniquely providing the next level of real estate marketing available to you today. 

Potential buyers for my listing in Gulf Twin Towers will find the property's landing page on my website, and my landing page chock full of real estate information for the condo building itself, at the top of Google search results, far above #Zillow

David Barr's online marketing Google search results page
Google search results page for my listing in Gulf Twin Towers

Buyers searching specifically for your condo or neighborhood are better prospects than buyers searching "sarasota real estate".

This is important because over 90% of home buyers start their search online.  Any broker can list your property for sale on hundreds of real estate websites.  Being visible to those buyers looking for your specific real estate for sale in a Google search will result in a shorter time on the market.  

Contact me for more about advanced online marketing for your luxury home or condo that no local broker can match.