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Luxury real estate. Ah yes, the sweet excitement of getting to list and hopefully sell a million dollar plus property in Sarasota and Venice. That was the subject of a sales seminar I attended this week. And it fell totally flat, at least for me. Did I really need to attend a luxury real estate seminar, only to find out that my car should be clean for clients, and that I should wear nice clothes to meet luxury home owners? No, no, and no!

My suspicion before attending the seminar was that the speaker would be a prime example of what Sarasota luxury real estate represents to many agents. Unfortunately, my suspicion was dead on. In short, her message was that we need to look the part and speak the part to connect with you, Mr. and Mrs Luxury Home Owner, as potential clients.

None of this superficial BS matters to a potential buyer, when it comes to selling your Sarasota luxury home.

I will not spend a dime on old school real estate practices, such as a catered broker open, to pour wine down the throat of an agent, just so they can tell you what an amazing house they toured for you yesterday. I will, instead, spend that dime on investing in more and bigger exposure to reach your potential buyer directly, in the places where they spend time, and today, that’s online.

So what exactly does that mean? I alluded to it about broker open houses. Here’s another example: I take my own drone footage and create my own stunning videos of your property and neighborhood. Old school real estate dictates that an agent pays a drone operator for video. In my experience, a lot of drone video today misses the point. These operators for hire can fly and take footage, but they do not possess the real estate eye we do as Realtors. Example: One of my competitors posted a video of a country club. The drone footage this competitor paid dearly for, was a partial view of a stone column with the country club slowly revealed in the background. One man’s “artful view” is another man’s waste of viewing time. I create direct, memorable, and beautiful property video, that is not a waste of time to the viewer.

Like the example of broker open houses, I take the money saved by not having to pay for a mediocre drone video, just like the broker open, and re-invest those dollars to make sure your property is in more places, with more memorable, relevant content, that your best potential buyers are looking for, and will want to see.

Let’s look at the facts in our current market. The speaker at this luxury real estate seminar said we have a glut of luxury properties for sale. Everyone who attended from my brokerage agreed. So why is our luxury real estate, priced at a tremedous discount on a price per square footage basis, lagging, when luxury markets like Miami and Los Angeles are on fire? Could it be that our local real estate market is indeed lagging in luxury real estate marketing?

If you think that’s a good question, then we should talk about listing your Sarasota or Venice luxury home for sale. It’s time to shake up our market’s luxury real estate marketing by taking it out of the hands of a few. Visit or and give me a call, text, or email, and let’s get started.


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