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I get the “Think with Google” newsletters and updates, and it’s the one email I look forward to. Google, like it or leave it, has access to the immediate data and trends of today’s consumers. And let’s face it: being a Realtor means you’ll be spending most of your time marketing to attract new clients, and to market your current client’s property listings.

So, today’s Think with Google topic was about authenticity. Millenials are changing the way all of us look at marketing and advertising. For example, is that diamond ethically mined? Is that coffee ecologically sourced and farmed? Does that spaghetti sauce have all natural ingredients? Is that product actually depicted in a way we would use it ourselves?

Everything about this trend translates directly to real estate.

Is that home description telling me what I need to know about the home, or is it filled with useless adjectives (like charming, cozy, sweet)? Are the photographs realistically depicting the home? I’ve seen many waterfront homes for sale and the photographer made the bay look like the color of Tidy Bowl. Are the photographs showing how we would actually use the home? Is there a video showing how the home flows, and how it’s situated in the neighborhood?

These may be some of the reasons your home won’t sell, or ended up as an expired listing in the MLS.

Listen to my podcast about authenticity and marketing.

Ponder this: Was your home for sale being marketed using the same unauthentic, unoriginal marketing plan that every other home listed with that broker is using? How would it stand out?

Believe it or not, we have real estate agents in our market who hire out every single facet of what it takes to market and sell your home. Yes! Assistants input data into the MLS, photographers and videographers are hired, professional stagers are enlisted, assistants or coaches are brought in to describe the home in the MLS, and assistants attend inspections and sometimes even closings.

If you’re hiring a Realtor to sell your home, how authentic are they, and how authentic will your property listing appear to buyers looking at a long list?

When you’re ready to sell your Sarasota or Venice home, remember the word “authenticity” and remember, me, David Barr, when you’re interviewing Realtors.


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