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I've been working with out of town buyers looking for a luxury waterfront home in Sarasota.

Most of the agents in my service area falsely believe they are providing a value added service to their clients by promising to be present when a potential buyer tours their property.

Scheduling showings for these properties can be a nightmare, especially if the listing agent (usually an assistant, not the actual agent) can't be available to accommodate the schedule of the buyer.  Just imagine if this was occurring in another industry. It's really outrageous.

Is an assistant actually selling your luxury property instead of the Realtor you hired?  I toured 6 properties with buyers yesterday, and spoke to the actual listing agent a total of zero times.

Are you afraid of theft?  Every home owner selling their property should put valuables away and de-clutter, regardless of the price.  Are you worried about unqualified buyers touring your property?  A good buyer's agent won't waste their time with unqualified buyers in the first place.

In my experience, most buyers don't want another agent/assistant present during a showing, just to tell us the room we're in is a bedroom.  We get it.

I even had an agent representing a seller try to interrogate me about my clients:  Who are they, what do they do, where are they from, what else am I showing them, what areas are they interested in?  Sorry sellers of that property, your agent just got your home taken off the buyer's tour.

As a Sarasota luxury home seller, are you getting enough showing appointments and feedback from potential buyers?  If not, your Realtor may be placing unnecessary obstacles in the path to selling your home.


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