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Because of Hurricane Irma, I've been getting record setting visits to my website www.sarasotadavid.com/flood-zones-sarasota.

If you want a new flood insurance policy, you're probably out of luck.  Most insurers' flood policies take effect 30 days after purchase.

Owners of condos should inquire about condo owner's insurance.  Your condo association fees cover the structure of the building outside the stud walls, such as roofs, walls, and window.  Condo owner's insurance resembles renter's insurance, which covers personal items but adds protection from loss for HVAC and appliances.

FEMA flood zone designations

Sarasota County provides a very good mapping tool that will provide the flood zone designation for your address:  click here.

Visit my website for local insurance providers, who can answer your specific property questions:  www.sarasotadavid.com/service-providers

Stay safe!


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