Zillow in Legal Trouble Again | Real Estate | Venice FL

Zillow is in legal trouble (again), this time with the federal government for alleged violations of anti-kickback and deceptive practices rules. 

In short, it's a violation of RESPA, the Real Estate Settlement Protection Act, for an entity to pay for real estate referrals, such as a lender paying for advertising for a Realtor. Buyer beware: Whenever you see a Zillow Premier Agent promoting a lender, that lender is helping pay for that agent's marketing on Zillow. 

When you hire a Realtor to market your home for sale, you need someone can market themselves first.  Gary Keller of Keller Williams once said "Zillow is lazy marketing for agents".  

Zillow is an unethical company which always seems to be in litigation for misuse of data or misleading business practices.  Avoid Zillow when looking for a property because of bad data, and when choosing an agent who can't market themselves.


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