#AccuracyMatters Zillow's Misleading Venice FL Listings

I did a quick comparison today at 12:20 pm as to the total number of single family homes for sale in Venice FL, on both the MLS and on Zillow.  Here are the screen shots of the results:

MLS single family homes for sale in Venice FL Dec 19 2015
MLS shows 379 active single family homes for sale with a Venice FL address.
Zillow single family homes for sale in Venice FL
Zillow's website shows 876 "houses" for sale in Venice FL.

This is a wildly inaccurate number from Zillow, and the discrepancy is far too large to account for FSBO listings that aren't included in the MLS.  Zillow is notorious for leaving old and sold listings on its site, in a single minded focus on "having the most listings" in their failing attempt to compete with Realtor.com.

The "most listings" doesn't translate to an accurate website with properties you can actually buy.

#Localisbetter. Zillow is in business to sell advertising, not sell real estate.  Learn more about Zillow's inaccurate data and why they do this on my website.


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