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If you've been searching for Venice FL or Sarasota real estate you've no doubt seen those websites from Zillow, Trulia,, Movoto, Redfin, and even some from Boca Raton.

Why are these sites showing up when you perform a Google search?

Search Venice FL real estate on a local Venice FL website
A local real estate website is better for your Venice FL real estate search

It's simple: they are selling your contact information to agents who pay for it, experienced or inexperienced.

The advent of these websites has changed the real estate business, and in my opinion, not for the better.  For example, Zillow/Trulia (now the same company) gets a lot of web traffic, but the fact is that they have a huge amount of inaccurate listing data.  It's confusing for consumers and frustrating for agents who have to explain why Zillow/Trulia are so inaccurate.

It's also frustrating for you to have to sign up/register and log in to view listings online.

The other pitfall to using these sites is that you as a consumer lose your ability to select your own agent.  

Zillow and Trulia have never set foot in Venice or Sarasota

An exceptional local Venice or Sarasota agent website is going to provide insider tips and insight into the market that a "portal" site such as Zillow or Redfin or Movoto just can't provide, since they are not physically located here.

So don't let your information be sold, view property listings with no sign up, and keep your ability to choose your own local Venice or Sarasota Realtor.  Read more on my website about localism, and start your real estate search at today.  


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