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There has been a paradigm shift in how you should approach your choice of Realtor in Sarasota and Venice, or any market for that matter.

The fact is that with more and more real estate information readily available online, buyers and sellers should no longer solely rely on selecting a Realtor with more "years of experience" to help set a listing price or help find the right neighborhoods.

Your choice of a Realtor should come down to one major thing:  computer literacy.

Selecting a Sarasota or Venice FL Realtor
Comedy always contains a kernel of truth.
Besides price, think about what your Realtor is going to be doing for you.  If you're selling, your Realtor will be marketing your home to potential buyers.  Where do the buyers come from? 94 % of them start looking online.  That means marketing to them on the dreaded computer.  Even worse for the computer-challenged Realtor, the choice of matketing is more complicated than ever due to increased mobile device usage.

If you're buying, what will your Realtor do besides touring homes for sale?  They will be writing offers.  We are in a fast paced market and many properties have multiple offers.  Can a Realtor with limited computer skills act quickly enough to get your offer in on time? 

I run into computer-challenged Realtors all the time.  This week I submitted an offer for customers that the listing agent said couldn't be signed by the seller for THREE DAYS because he didn't have a printer.  That is unacceptable with the technology we have available.

What might happen in those three days?  The buyer gets cold feet?  A better deal comes on the market?  

I have also won more than my fair share of multiple offer situations because I submitted complete, clear documents as a buyer's agent, even though my customer didn't offer the highest price.  Why did I win those? Technology.  Banks and private sellers want to work with a buyer's agent who does not submit offers with missing initials, signatures, or documents.

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