Excellent Tool for Venice FL Real Estate Investors

Our MLS has a great tool that most agents don't seem to be aware of.  It's called RatePlug.

RatePlug takes the current list price of the property and factors in mortgage payments, HOA/condo fees, taxes, PMI, and property tax and insurance, to give buyers a complete picture of the property's monthly ownership expenses.

This tool is particularly helpful for investors to calculate potential cash flow.

I have enabled the RatePlug feature for all my customers.  When you see this logo in the property reports:

you can access the information.

Click here for a live demonstration of how RatePlug works:  http://mfr.mlsmatrix.com/Matrix/Public/DisplayITQPopup.aspx?iid=1&did=191&params=52%20MTYwMzMyNTA4&exk=d15e416ecc590ea5b6bef34f1007fd2e


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