Get Your Venice FL Home Ready to Sell: Easy Fixes

Are you getting a home ready to sell in the Venice, FL area?

There's a lot you can do to fix up your home so that it appeals to more buyers, and gets you a higher price.

Here's a great tip:  if you have damaged or worn concrete that you think is jackhammer-worthy, try using a product called Deck Over.  It's made by Behr and is for sale at the Home Depot.

Not a pretty sight to a potential buyer.
Pops of color, some landscaping, and voila: backyard oasis on a budget.
Back yard or nuclear waste dump?  Not very appealing....

What a difference Behr's Deck Over makes!

Behr's Deck Over product is thicker than normal paint, and fills in cracks and evens out surface imperfections in concrete and wood decks.

If you're thinking of selling your Venice, FL area home, please contact me.  I not only specialize in pricing your home to sell, I can also help you stage it for maximum effect to attract a buyer (this is my own handy work).


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