Trulia's Michael Corbett on Fox and Friends: #AccuracyMatters

I've been following this "Trulia real estate expert" on Fox and Friends for a few weeks.  Today he showed up again today with his best deals segment.

I noticed a couple of changes in his segment since I have started monitoring him on this program.  Today, the prices of the properties he profiled were displayed on screen for milliseconds, presumably to make the listings harder to trace back on  

Despite my previous challenge to him and to Trulia, they display no MLS numbers for potential buyers to find the homes Corbett profiles online.

I also noticed he threw in a home in Sarasota (my primary market area) with no price displayed except for the anchor saying it verbally.  Below is what he profiled:

1) Atlanta   $300,000  3/3 red   2 story   2700 sq ft colonial  corner lot pre-wired for electronics: According to, this home is currently for sale.

2) Sarasota FL  3/2  1900 sq ft  stone front  $300K:  No homes in the local MLS (of which I am a member) are currently available in Sarasota County with exactly these criteria.  Even with leaving the price out of the criteria, only 2 homes in Sarasota County are available with 1900 sq ft and 3/2, neither of which was the home Corbett profiled.

3) Dayton  $250,000  3/2 brick 2 story with black shutters:  According to, 6 homes are for sale in Dayton with this criteria.  None of them match the home profiled by Corbett.

Another 2 out of 3 are not for sale in Corbett's segment on Fox and Friends.  The Trulia trend of inaccurate information continues.


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