Owner Financed Homes for Sale in Sarasota

I may be one of only a few Sarasota area Realtors who actively markets services to home buyers looking for homes offering owner financing.

To serve your needs, I have a page on my website that lists all homes and condos offering owner financing from the MLS :  http://www.davidbarrhomes.com/#!owner-financing-sarasota/chfb

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Owner financing available for this beachfront condo $349,000

Owner financed homes are at fairly low levels due to our strong real estate market.  Here's some tips when looking for owner financing:
  • Don't ask what terms the seller is offering before seeing the home in person.  It's like asking the seller what is final best sales price will be.  Most of the time, the response back from the seller will ask what terms you are offering.  Financing terms are part of your overall offer and will be as negotiable as the price;
  • Have at least 20% of the anticipated final purchase price as a down payment;
  • Have your down payment source of funds ready to go at a moment's notice;
  • Have references at hand in case the seller asks for them.
I work with a real estate attorney who can handle the closing, draft the financing documents, and record the mortgage with the county, just like a regular bank loan. 

Bad things happen to good people.  If you have the funds, stop renting and start building equity in a strong real estate market.


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