Customer Service

Well, Christmas is over and today it's back to work.

I have a long distance closing happening now as I write this blog post. It's a Fannie Mae property listed by an agent in Tampa who never set foot in the property, with the closing being handled by a title company in the Miami area.

There is nothing more basic to excellent customer service than prompt and clear communication and response.  The title company told me "they get over 400 emails a day, and they don't have time to send a receipt confirmation email", despite the fact their website says customer service is their top priority.

This is not excellent customer service.

I don't want to hear a service provider tell me are too busy to respond to my repeated requests for a confirmation.  I don't want to hear how many emails they get.  I don't want to hear "this is how we do it".

You as a consumer reading this know what I'm talking about.  That's why I don't do business this way.  Whether you are buying a $3 million dollar beachfront home or a $70,000 condo, you will always get my undivided attention and prompt response to your real estate questions.


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