Search Engine Optimization Companies

I hope some of my fellow Realtors read this post.

I am contacted all the time by search engine optimization companies (SEO's) who have somehow managed to find my pitiful "low ranked website"  They promise to miraculously improve my search engine results and save me hard earned marketing dollars.


I've been using Google Adwords for over 10 years and I'm Google Certified.  These SEO's are preying on Realtors and their practices can actually hurt your website and your business.

Here's some myths and facts:

1)  Myth:  Your website needs to be on the first page.   Fact:  In the real estate business, most of the natural (unpaid, also called organic) links are for major national advertisers such as Re/Max, Trulia, Zillow, Keller Williams, etc.  If someone is searching for local results, they most likely have to go to page 2 3 or 4.  Don't waste your money competing with the large national companies.

2)  Myth:  Your home page (such as needs to be on page 1.  Fact: People do not need to click on your home page first to find the results they are looking for.  What are buyers or sellers searching for?  Estimated closing costs?  Neighborhood reviews?  Listings for specific neighborhoods they can't find on public MLS sites?  Understand your customer and give them what they want.  I have created over 90 landing pages for specific content for Sarasota home buyers and sellers.

3) Myth:  Organic links (natural links) are better than paid (cost per click/CPC/right side of the page ads).  Fact:  A recent study proves that CPC ads provide more relevant content and are clicked on 66% of the time, when both a CPC and organic ad appears on the same page.  You need BOTH organic and CPC links for success.

4) Myth:  Owning a lot of different websites means you will have more success.  Fact:  Each website competes for limited space on the search engine results.  Owning multiple websites means you are competing against yourself for clicks and traffic.

I am happy to advise fellow Realtors outside my service area on Google Adwords and relevant website content your competitors are lacking.


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