Reasons Why Listing Agents are Not Good Buyer's Agents

I recently had interviews with potential home buyers, and one of their questions was why hire a buyer's agent when they can work with a "local expert" agent who lists homes in a particular geographic area?

My primary answer is that these "local experts" may not have the critical experience of working with buyers in other geographic areas.  A experienced buyer's agent will show buyers different areas they may not have considered that meet their criteria, and contrast the nuances of these neighborhoods to give a home buyer the best range of options.

Listing agents who don't work with many buyers don't seem to understand buyer's needs.  For instance, today I'm scheduling 11 showing appointments for a buyer who needs to maximize their time.  Listing agents need to utilize the technology of the "Show Button" in our MLS.  If the property is a vacant REO, why do I need to call someone in Kansas City to schedule an appointment?  Put the lockbox instructions in the Showingtime program and make it easier to show your property.  If you need to be contacted directly by the buyer's agent, please put those instructions in the MLS, rather than "call office" that I just encountered on a particular listing.

And no, I cannot show your listing "some other time".  Listing agents should understand that many buyers often come in for a short visit and need to see as many properties as possible.  They don't have the luxury of time to see a property two or three days later.

Conversely, buyer's agents DO make excellent listing agents.  We understand competing neighborhoods, how to make it easy as possible to show a listing, as well as stage it for a buyer.


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