Punta Gorda Bridge to Beaches?

People are always asking me why real estate in Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte is relatively less expensive than Sarasota and Venice.  The simple answer is:  they're not close to a beach.

To get to a beach from either PG or PC, you have to take a lengthy journey down Hwy 776 to get to Englewood Beach or Stump Pass State Park.  In some cases you're looking at a 40 to 45 minute drive.

Real estate is driven by demand, and demand for real estate within easy reach of a beach in FL is in higher demand, hence part of the reason for the higher real estate prices in the Sarasota area.

So why aren't Charlotte County officials looking into some kind of bridge over Charlotte Harbor directly to one of their beautiful beaches?  I know there's all kinds of environmental issues, but wouldn't the tolls they could charge on the bridge, and the access fees, the fishing piers, and the increase in real estate tax receipts from increased values, make a bridge worth a look?

Just an idea on a rainy day in FL.  Let me know what you think.


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