"I Want...."

What home buyers want and what is ends up being best for a home buyer are often not the same things.

As an experienced real estate broker, I carefully listen to what potential buyers say they are looking for in a property, and how they plan on using it.  Here are two good case studies.

I recently helped a couple from Nova Scotia close on a single family home in Englewood.  This couple wanted to be as close to the beach as possible, with the option of renting the property when they weren't using it.  Because they were long distance owners, the idea of owning a condo at first seemed appealing.

As I showed them properties, we discussed how condo fees and association regulations would affect their income potential.  We also discussed the needs of their growing family and the long term benefits of owning a condo versus a single family home.

They ended up purchasing an updated single family home, with bedrooms for all the kids (instead of sleeper sofas in a 1 BR condo), just a short walk to the beach.  They have already rented the property and plan on using it themselves in April.

Another example is a client I am just beginning to work with who is looking for a newer home that is move in ready, and can be rented seasonally.  In this case, what is probably going to be best for this home buyer is a home located as close to the beaches as possible, and most likely an updated older home in a location with high rental potential.  Newer homes in our area are located further from the beaches and may not rent as easily to a seasonal tenant. 

Bottom line:  Many agents show potential buyers what they want to see.  I work with buyers to determine what they want and what their actual needs will be, and present alternatives they may not have considered.


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